Glenn Beck faux pa, Earthquakes getting crazy, and San Francisco is like Fox News – Fair and Balanced.

Glenn Beck, why you so crazy, son? Geoff picks a bone with Glenn. Al tries to defend him with a half-hearted argument, and in the end both agree, this was a stupid argument for Glenn to pick.

Earthquakes are a little out of control- just a little?  A lot out of control.

And who thought we’d (actually, Al, Geoff did think)ever applaud San Francisco for making the right choice, but Bravo you BART-using, communist-loving city/county.

Lastly for your entertainment, we give you a ‘Tagimony’ we’d like to see more spray painted faces of prophets on the subway walls.  Monson 4EVA!

Show notes for this week –

  1. New York Times response to Glenn Beck’s ‘leave your church bit’
  2. Earthquake Graphs from US Geological Society
  3. Earthquake Data from US Geological Society
  4. Foreign Missionaries ousted from Mongolia
  5. “Under God” allowed in pledge of allegiance per San Francisco court
  6. Spain Mission Boundaries realigned

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Thomas Monson – Viva la revelacion!