We talk about Harvey Unga’s exit from BYU, Women Rugby players are real men, South Park’s attempt at The Book of Mormon movie, friendly tasing, Evelyn gets on Oprah, LDS growth by country, and MORE!

Show notes in no particular order … at all:

  1. Idiot BYU Student’s “April Fools Joke”
  2. Mormon in the news – Evelyn is going to be on Oprah!
  3. South Park duo create the musical “The Book of Mormon” – as if the attempt at a movie wasn’t bad enough (via Salt Lake Trib via The¬†Independent )
  4. LDS Growth by Country
  5. BYU Womens Rugby Team bows out of Sunday competition
  6. Prop 8 film gets picked up for distribution
  7. Harvey Unga bows out – props for doing it with some class Unga.

Honorable Mentions

  1. Larry King had an affair with his sister in law (a Mormon) – The news here is that Larry King still has it in him… I thought suspenders were God’s way of keeping Larry King chaste?
  2. Mormons live longer (10 years ish!) in study done recently. In other news, numbers are my friend… and I am a magician.

Also, here’s Geoff’s paper as promised – Globalization and Mormonism – Geoff Openshaw