Episode #16 – Why Logandale? (This Isn’t Vermont)

The Boss

The Boss

Deseret Book pulls the plug on Mormon Doctrine. Sorry, Bruce R. McConkie.

No more Mormon Doctrine!  Deseret Book has decided to stop selling it after 50 years and more than 40 printings.  A sad world, indeed.

Orkin religiously profiles – and the feds are now suing them for openly favoring LDS returned missionaries as employees.

Xenophobia in Arizona is now hurting missionary work.  We find out why.

A new faux Church institution of higher education in Logandale, NV.

Hi.  I’m in Logandale… (*shrugs*)

And your letters!

Follow Your Heart:

  1. Mormon Doctrine goes out of print
  2. Logandale, Schmogandale
  3. Goodbye, my Hispanic friends
  4. Orkin!  Not Oreck!

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