Polygamy is the answer – in Siberia!

Going to church while on vacation – Yes or No?  Al and Geoff spar it up!

Church penalized over Prop 8 finances.  This is clearly just innocent oversight, yet the anti-8 contingent is making it out to be a case of deliberate subterfuge on the  Church’s part.

Are you a photographer?  Do you take pictures of temples and other Church-esque things?  The Church wants your submissions and has set up a Flickr page to any and all who are interested.

Pathetic, weak Floridian children can’t handle walking on the flattest ground in the country for three whole days.  Or did they really celebrate their heritage (pirates and cocaine)? Come on!  Same story – two sources.

Geoff reviews the Gospel Library App for Android.  Turns out it wasn’t just released for iPhone!

A shout out to The FHE Book and its author, Dame Janna McFerson

And David Archuleta – bless his diminutive heart – sings for us all at Deseret Book.


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