Episode #20 – Obviousonomics

Ronnie Lee Gardner executed.  Blood atonement is not a doctrine of the LDS Church, Church spokesman says.

Utah politicians use some of the greatest political imagery every used.  Are you a temple-going type of Utahan or a filthy capitol building-loving Utahan?

Ultimate Fighting gives up on a scheduled match in Salt Lake on a Sunday.  Did they really think people would come to this?  Funeral potatoes take too long to make, dude!

Amish and Polygamist fashion – the wave of the future

And some temple news!

Cheers to you all!

Take me to your leader

  1. No blood atonement, folks.
  2. Ronnie Lee Gardner takes one for the team
  3. UFC leaves Utah for greener pastures – San Diego
  4. Payson cuts the red tape
  5. Philly just does not want to let a temple happen