We bet you thought Jell-O or funeral potatoes were the food of choice for many-a-Latter-day Saint. Not so! According to the Mormon Times, who conducted zero research to back up this claim, it is ice cream. Yes, simple ice cream – with no flavor specified – is the food product of choice for all of us.

Sean Hannity gets yanked from KSL. Deliver us from evil, Sean!

Glenn Beck starts Glenn Beck University, a place where people already subscribed to his particular interpretation of reality can further bolster those beliefs. Also, Glenn Beck officially supports an insurrection against the American government. Hey, Glenn, read the 12th Article of Faith.

Someone tries to set fire to the Los Angeles Temple.

And in a new segment creatively named, “Rants,” Geoff and Al vent and gripe about all sorts of miscellanea – Al wants to disband all Church-owned and operated schools.  Geoff ridicules the Mormon Times‘ deplorable lack of legitimate journalism, or, heck, even decent writing.

And your calls!

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