Episode #25 – Fetch…You

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Janna Mcferson, author of There's No Place Like Home...Evening!, visits with us to discuss her new book .

Our silver weekiversary! 25 shows and counting!  Thanks to all of you!

This week, Janna Mcferson, author of There’s No Place Like Home…Evening! , visits with us to discuss her just-released book, as well as allow us to bask in her wonderful presence

We visit Holy Fetch (dot com) – a site full of Mormon lore and mythology.  Pointless?  Undoubtedly.  But Mormons have some pretty amazing urban legends, so it’s always worth a discussion.

SB1070 goes into effect in Arizona, and the Church has been under pressure from both sides to take a firmer, more explicit stance on immigration.  As one might expect, the statement released by the Church doesn’t tow any particular line, but it does call for civil discourse and pragmatism.  We hash it out!

This weekend also marks the anniversary of Missouri officially apologizing for the extermination order put out against the Saints in the 1800s.  Until the 1970s, Mormons could still be killed on site in Missouri.  Nice of them to care about us.

A writer decries the continued use of Gospel Principles in teaching classes with investigators.  He argues that sticking to its written order undermines effective missionary work.

Lastly, one of the most amazing Tweeters across which you shall ever come!  She jives up a description of a passage of scripture every day.


  1. There’s No Place Like Home…Evening! Buy it! And mention that you heard about it on TWiM.
  2. Cease to use Gospel Principles, dear ward missionaries
  3. Article discussing the Church and illegal immigration
    1. Official statement by the Church
  4. Anniversary of Missouri apologizing.  Huzzah!
  5. Follow Jana Riess on Twitter.  She’s hilarious.

Kyiv Temple open house promotional video (ignore the improper, Russian-spelled Kiev in the file name):

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