Blessed be Señor Al!  Le agradecemos sus esfuerzos durante todos estos años.  ¡Feliz cumpleaños, amigo mío!

Or, since Al speaks the ol’ Ukraynskii –  Mnohaja Lita!

And to celebrate Al’s birthday, we talk about gay marriage.  Yep, Prop 8 got overturned on appeal.  It’ll likely remain overturned on the next appeal.  And then, depending on who is still alive on the Supreme Court by the time the case is heard, it will still likely remain overturned on that appeal.  Yep, welcome to the new world order, friends.

But how does this pertain to other hot button issues, like polygamy?  What’s to stop polygamists from marrying if gays are given the same right?  We discuss, and also wonder how on earth polygamist “marriages” are cracked down on by the law, when the state doesn’t recognize them in the first place (i.e. – Isn’t it really just one dude who has a harem?).  Playa!  We get into this discussion because TLC (not those of CrazySexyCool fame) now has a new reality show following a real polygamist family.  AWESOME.

The Church is sued to give back tithing funds which came from embezzled money.  Not too controversial, since the Church doesn’t really want dirty money, but interesting, nontheless.

And we talk about horrible Mormon buzzwords, and what we can do to get rid of them.

Kyiv Ukraine Temple open house is now rolling.  Al will give us a field report in coming weeks.

Lastly, our monthly check-in with the Zarahemla Times.  You’re killing us, Beckstrom!


  1. Prop 8 overturned.
    1. Church’s official statement
  2. Sister Wives,” TLC’s new amazing reality show
  3. Dirty tithing
  4. Buzzwords
  5. Google Wave is ending.  How the heck will we plan our shows??

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