Episode #28 – Turn It Up to Catholic

The Boss

The Boss

Gary Lawrence, a prominent market researcher, speaks at the FAIR Conference and tell us that people fear Mormons only want to convert them.
Researcher Gary Lawrence

Even more buzzwords! Democrat = less active.

Los Angeles Temple visitors center finally reopens after a massive, multi-year renovation.  We’ll do some on the ground reporting in the future.

Al hates nature; or farms, or some form of Soviet-era collectivization.  We’re not really sure what he’s going on about, but having a ward or stake farm – you know, the type for all to use communally and enjoy (see: communism) – never ever work.

Gary Lawrence, a prominent market researcher speaks at the FAIR Conference in Sandy.  He discusses his findings and recommendations about missionary work and the public relations efforts of the Church.  The man raises some very valid points.  After all, are people afraid to even interact with us because they are afraid that Mormon = crazy nutjob who is going to try and convert me?

The Philadelphia Temple clears its final hurdles.  It’s a big one! 85,000 square feet or so; and right in the heart of Philly.

…and more outstanding journalism from the Mormon Times. Seriously, if this hack McKay Coppins can get published, why the heck can’t we?  How about we write an article on variations of fry sauce and Jell-O and how that somehow reflects on the inner spirituality of members of the Church?  We’ll win the Pulitzer!  Ruddy Coppins…


  1. Gary Lawrence speaks at FAIR
    1. Times and Seasons article
    2. Deseret News article
  2. More buzzwords.  Eric Snider is awesome.
  3. Al hates Mormon gardens
  4. Philly Temple is in the clear
  5. Welcome back, Los Angeles Temple Visitors Center
  6. As promised, Geoff’s blog post about our cruise to Cozumel.
  7. Seriously, look at this article by McKay Coppins.  Drivel.
    1. Now look at McKay Coppins’ Facebook page.  His wife is way too cute for him.

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