We are joined by Allan Mount, known as DogsDieInHotCars on his podcast, the Sarcastic Gamer Brown Podcast.

It was President Monson’s birthday!  Four more years!  Four more years!

The Phoenix Temple finally has a new design.  It’s still 30 feet tall, but it also has…. A BASEMENT.  Huzzah!  Basements!  Either way, hopefully this will expedite the process of constructing it.

Americans are not being very kind to Muslims wishing to build a cultural center close to Ground Zero in New York City.  We discuss many of the parallels between Muslims and Mormons, and how the LDS Church has faced similar periods of persecution and misunderstanding in the past.

Searching YouTube for Mormon content is always interesting.  Allan takes us through his favs.

Alex Hayley, author of Roots, gets a museum of sorts in his native Tennessee; and the Church has a FamilySearch center there!

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