Congratulations to Ukraine on getting a temple not even twenty years after missionaries set foot there!  What a marvelous occasion!  Al is there in Kyiv catching all the action.  If you love TWiM, you need to understand that Ukraine is the reason for its being.  Ukrayina zhive! See video and pics below.

In other news:

Las Vegas man sues the Church over injuries sustained while performing baptisms for the dead.  We’re serious.  It’s not awesome, but, well, it kinda is.

The Church attempts to buy Manti Street in Manti, UT à la Main Street Plaza in Salt Lake City.  The ACLU is up in arms about what this means for the .5 people in Manti who aren’t LDS.

Obama’s popularity with Mormons plunges to an all-time low, the largest decline of any religious group.  What does this mean????

Glenn Beck will lead us to theocratic salvation, all while making a mockery of Martin Luther King Jr.  Also, Glenn advocates the separation of church and state, and immediately proceeds to discuss why Judeo-Christian beliefs need more presence in politics.

We discuss and celebrate our favorite and least favorite Church callings.  You know you all have them!  Let us know about your most and least favorite!

In an unlikely embrace of technology not created by baby boomers, Elder Quentin L. Cook writes the first blog article by a modern-day Apostle.

The largest pinewood derby, ever.

And the Santa Monica 3rd YSA ward makes it on national television, but it was on NBC so we’re pretty sure no one was watching.

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