What a week!  Erin Elton and Aubrey Messick,  lovely ladies from The Mormon Bachelorette, are kind enough to join us in studio and discuss their forthcoming project of love, lust, roses, and (hopefully) lascivious behavior on the part of over-testosteroned males.

In other news:

Updates on the Clay Sanner murder – the bishop from Visalia, CA.  Learn how to help his family.

The Church is “regularizing” relations with China, which really means absolutely nothing other than its members cannot enjoy Jell-O under Chinese law.

Jewish and Church leaders introduce further safeguards to ensure that Holocaust victims are not put through the temple.

Lee Hoffman, the Salamander dude, and the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Our monthly check-in with the Zarahemla Times

Annnd a few other snazzy items (Blast you, Rio Tinto Stadium!  You tease!).

Seek and ye shall find:

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  2. Visalia bishop murder
    1. Help his family
    2. 9/11 call
  3. Lee Hoffman haunts us from beyond the grave
  4. Jewish/LDS leaders iron out issues
  5. Church “normalizes” stuff in China
  6. Great naming choice, BYU-Idaho.  Truly, you are a land of creativity.
  7. Stephen Hawking: “There is no God