First the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” debacle, and now this nutjob in Florida wanting to burn Qur’an to make a statement.  Will the insanity ever end?  Coupled with this, the Church released a statement reinforcing our belief in freedom of religious expression, but decrying the “unfortunate” decisions of this pastor.  Stupid Florida.  It’s teeming with criminals.  It’s like America’s Australia!

Mormon farmers growing barley that is directly sold to beer manufacturers.  Is this a conflict of interest?  Is this SIN?

Returned missionaries make great recruits for large investment firms.  Also, returned missionaries make great recruits to endlessly harass people during the summer and attempt to sell stuff that no one wants or needs. CNBC reports.

Also, the Church bribes gives Philadelphia money as part of a convict rehabilitation program.  Did you know we are also building a temple in Philly?  Could these two seemingly unrelated things somehow be related?

Utah’s Democratic candidate for governor wants students to take more math and science in order to graduate high school.  This could mean the end of release-time seminary as we know it, except for the fact that this guy is a Democrat.  In Utah.  Running for governor.

Do you look like Peter?  Do you have experienced being exiled on Patmos?  If so, the Church needs YOU for its new set of New Testament videos.

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A friendly reminder to go to the temple