Episode #33 – Of Muffins and Men

It's time once again for the naughty "Men on a Mission" piece of crap calendar.

Let’s face it.  We’re the best.

The Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites series continues, and Al is overblown with joy.

We also have some pointed criticism for “The Mormon Bachelorette” – not the woman herself – she is a sweetheart – but of the overall production.

Enjoy the refresh of lds.org.  We discuss its pros and cons, but overall, do not approve of the redesign.

It’s time once again for the naughty “Men on a Mission” piece of crap calendar.  It’s wrong that we are even giving the mind behind it any press, but come on, people.  Don’t buy this stuff.

“The Book of Mormon” on Broadway gets a release date, and the story apparently has absolutely nothing to do with the Book of Mormon other than vague allusions to Joseph Smith.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks – Apostle.  Statesman.  Judge.  Secret Tea Partier?

Former bishop in prison because of an elaborate ponzi scheme.  Congrats, sir.

KSL aims to control its blogosphere.  Tempering the message or veiled censorship?


  1. Tennis Shoes forever
  2. New lds.org
  3. Elder Oaks and the Constitution
  4. KSL censorship
  5. Ruddy BYU/missionary sexploitation calendar hoo ha
  6. Of bishops and incarceration
  7. “The Book of Mormon” musical

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