The new – as analyzed from a very very very basic level in the Deseret News.  Will the Church eventually take down and eHarmony so that we may all have eternal bliss?

Push the pumpkin!  Push it!  Thank you, Mormon Times.  There’s a lot of pumpkin pushing goin’ on in Colorado.  Lots of science.  Pushing.  Huge gourds EVERYWHERE.

Elder Marlin K. Jensen visits with disgruntled members in the Oakland, CA stake; particularly those who felt hurt by the Church’s involvement in Proposition 8.  He even apologizes for the pain felt by those members and vows to take what he learns back to Salt Lake.

Elder Dallin H. Oaks under a bit of fire for his recent discourse about the US Constitution.  Does this represent a future policy shift of the Church?

Conference predictions:  Who dies?  Who gets called?  What will be discussed? New temples?  Share your ideas with us!


  1. The Great Pumpkin Pusher
  2. Heavenly analysis of
  3. Church distributes E. Oaks’ talk on the Constitution
  4. Elder Marlin K. Jensen – man of love

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