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Episode #35 – Openshaw/Messick 2011

It’s true. Geoff is the bachelor of choice on “The Mormon Bachelorette.” Move over, captains of industry!  We discuss in greater details Geoff’s appearance on the show.

General Conference was great.  Share with us your favorite talks and thoughts.  We delve into some of ours.  What a blessing to enjoy it every six months.

In some other assorted items:

Jana Riess – the slippery slope.

A PEW study finds that Mormons are arguably the most Christian of all Christians.  Yeah!  That’s right!  Take that, Bible Belt!

Also, don’t tweet disparaging remarks about Mormons from your company’s Twitter account.  We’re just sayin!

Touch me for success

  1. Not that they need it, but here’s a link to “The Mormon Bachelorette.”  Video below.
  2. Jana Riess disagrees with President Packer
  3. PEW loves us
  4. Hey Mormons, don’t scam insurance companies for fire damages
  5. Oustanding Tweet
True Love Conquers All