The Mormon Bachelorette dream is over!  Geoff gets the axe!

President Packer’s Conference remarks continue to incite. ¬†The Church responds to the petition presented to it a few days ago.

Glenn Beck will fulfill the “White Horse” prophecy?

The Mormon Times lists the greatest places to raise your LDS family outside of Utah. Because, you know, Utah is the default when it comes to proper places for raising one’s children.

And time for our monthly visit with The Zarahemla Times!


  1. President Packer mess
    1. President Packer changes text
    2. Church response to HRC petition
  2. Glenn Beck is a white horse
  3. The greatest non-Utah places to live!
  4. Tag clouds (from The Shipping Lane), photos also below
  5. Break the fast with Muslims – Barbara Openshaw

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