The Church gets praise from Google’s chief SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy.  Go church!

Ground broken for the Rome Temple.  It’s hardcore!  Hardcore parkour!

In the same vein, the Laie Hawaii Temple reopens for an open house and dedication after a multi-year renovation.

The First Presidency asks members to stop writing headquarters in Salt Lake. We have local leaders for a reason, they say.

Also, the Brethren encourage members to stay away from “Self Awareness” groups.  We’re looking at you, Masons!

Props and love to our listeners for their comments.  We really appreciate them!  To show our love we finally highlight some of our favs on the show.


  1. Rome Temple (video below)
  2. Laie Temple
  3. New Zealand steeple goes down.
  4. First Presidency Letter
    1. Other letter from 2001