What a week!  So much to cover!

Baptism – is someone living in sin or enjoying a common law marriage?  Hard to say.  And what of the relationship between overeager missionaries and beleaguered local members?

Mormanity does it again!  We love Jeff Lindsay and we love missions.

An LDS Family Services worker starts sleeping with his patient to “cure” her. Women subsequently sues LDSFS for a whole slew of things.  It’s sad, but tragicomic at the same time.

In the 1800s Mormons hates Republicans.  Why has this changed?

Youthful Rob Thomas look-alike torches two meetinghouses in SLC – What this means for your weekend.

Zarahemla Times!  Viva el Beckstrom!

And lastly, The Mormon Times once again shows us its journalistic awesomeness.


  1. Baptism scandal!
  2. Missions-4-eva!
  3. Stop being Republican, Mormons!
  4. Stop torching our buildings, kid!
  5. Elizabeth smart takes break from mission to testify!
  6. LDS Family Services player.  Holla!
  7. Thank you, Mormon Times.  I always figured the best times in life were behind me once I was freed from a concentration camp!

It’s 3:00 AM I Must Be Lonely