BYU’s groundbreaking study on the relationship between a movie’s rating and its box office intake. Can you believe PG-13 movies are more marketable than R-rated ones???

Carl Bloch’s work is coming to BYU.  This is the first time it has ever been presented in the United States.

Elder Richard G. Scott is a painter.  Who knew!  His work is on display in – and only in – the Deseret Book flagship store in Salt Lake.  Where’s the national tour?  Once again, the flagship store gets preferential treatment.

Sunday School is in trouble.  Too many teachers teach straight from the manual and not enough actually think and pray about what should be taught. Will the Church redevelop the Sunday School curricula eventually be altered to represent the looser, study-it-out methods used in Preach My Gospel?

Other assorted news:

Charges filed against Patrick Ehat, also known as the arsonist who took down two meetinghouses in the Salt Lake area.

Utah women have more kids before marriage than after.

Deseret Book gives us the Top Ten best Christmas movies, according to a wildly unscientific solicitation of its readers.

Are you Mormon?  Fancy living in the Northeastern United States? The Mormon Times gives us yet another Top Ten list about places for LDS people to live.


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Definitely Our Preferred Version of “Mr. Krueger’s Christmas”