Further details on the more “cryptic” contents of the new Handbook of Instructions.  The Salt Lake Tribune tries to make us seem like a cult.

Casting announced for the Book of Mormon Broadway production.  Should be thrilling!

Missionary stabbed in Peru seems to be recovering well.  His father thinks he’s a “good kid.”

Mormons.  We want to be accepted into the mainstream, yet we also seem to love our outcast status.  Why can’t we seem to reconcile the two?

Al wrote a nifty little article.  You should read it, ponder it, and debate it.

Los Links:

  1. Church handbook according to the Trib
  2. Church handbook according to the Church
  3. Book of Mormon casting
  4. Stabbed missionary
  5. The perennial pariahs: Latter-day Saints
  6. Al’s article about abolishing Church-run schools
  7. The greatest iPhone app ever.  By far.
  8. Congrats to the Laie Temple!

Stay classy, San Bernardino.

Samuel, don’t be wicked!