WikiLeaks and international sabotage!

Being Mormon and famous: Is it fair to hold LDS celebrities to a higher standard, especially if they regards themselves as “active” in the Church?  Isn’t there a double standard there?

Why do women mostly get left out of discussion about the scourge of pornography?  Why do we pretend that women don’t have lusts and desires and paint men as hormonal brutes?

The Church purportedly lowers the age of prospective Brazilian missionaries serving in Brazil to 18 in a response to problematic diplomatic relations between the US and Brazil, thus prohibiting American missionaries from entering the land of Rio.

A Mormon Times columnist WAY overuses embedded text to improve her SEO.  Seriously, it’s just bad form.  And Italy is our goal?  Italy?  Seriously?  That’s the heaven-like place to which I should aspire?

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