Woes abound for missionaries in various locations. The Church yanks non-native missionaries from Cote d’Ivoire because of political unrest. Switzerland is also passing a new law that will prohibit non-European Union missionaries from entering its borders. Brazil a few weeks ago. Cote d’Ivoire and Switzerland now. What’s next? The People’s Republic of Canada?

Elna Baker, noted author and personality, appears on This American Life and discusses her failing faith.  Do we still cling to experiences from our youth in an effort to maintain our testimonies?  What can we do to maintain our faith despite emotional or intellectual trials?

The Church buys a motel across the street from Temple Square in Ogden and then closes it, forcing its emotional patrons to seek respite elsewhere.  Why is the Church’s real estate arm so seemingly cutthroat?  So sad. So sad.

And many other tidbits of fun!  Faux Facebook posts by General Authorities. History of lights on Temple Square.  Guam gets its first stake.

Touch me:

  1. Missionary Troubles
    1. Cote d’Ivoire
    2. Swiss law blocking missionaries
      1. US Congress’ effort to appeal Swiss law
      2. LDS Newsroom release
  2. Forcibly relocating residents of Ogden.  The shame.
  3. First stake in Guam (L. Tom Perry video below)
  4. Doves and SerpentsHilarious Fakebook posts
  5. The history of lights on Temple Square
  6. Mormon Expression – A killer podcast
  7. This American Life – Last Man Standing – The Elna Baker episode