Goodbye, Provo Tabernacle.  Updates on the terrible fire that destroyed the building.  Al hates people who miss buildings they’ve never visited.  Oh, Al….

The British government is weighing blocking pornography on the internet and making consumers opt in if they want it.  A noble effort? Sure.  But there are giant question marks when it comes to internet regulation.  Also, why are Europeans bothering to block pornography online when one can pick it up freely at any newstand or see it on TV?  You European folks are confusing.

The just-released Census figures indicate that more Mormons could wind up getting congressional seats.  Utah gets its #4, baby!

The Church changes some chapter heading text in the Book of Mormon to be a little less race-centric.

Nearly half of LDS men want women to have the priesthood? What?!

Presiding Bishop H. David Burton is the Largest Man in the Universe, or something like that.

Los Enlaces

  1. Tabernacle Updates
    1. Pre-fire photos
  2. UK government weighs blocking online porn
    1. Ah, Mormon Times, bless your naivete…
  3. More Mormons in Congress?
    1. Official Census data just released
  4. 48% of LDS men want women to have the priesthood?
  5. Go Burt Go!
  6. BoM Chapter Heading Changes

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