Rick Buck Is The Mormon Bachelor

Rick Buck Is The Mormon Bachelor

Rick Buck, The Mormon Bachelor, joins us in studio as part of our panel.  The fun!  The whimsy!  We talk MoBach and Rick graces us with his inspired thoughts and opinions.

Illegal immigration.  A terrific Los Angeles Times article highlights the divide on the issue within the Church, using two men, both Church members, to illustrate the ongoing battle.   How do we reconcile our devotion to obeying the laws of the land while still showing compassion towards the less fortunate and working to keep families together?

The Top 10 LDS news stories of 2010, according to our friends at the Mormon Times.

Orson Scott Card rebukes Al… rather indirectly; but the principle stands!

The Church has built an absolutely massive set south of Goshen.  Yes, Goshen.  It is to be used to film all-new New Testament stories to replace current educational videos.

Modesty.  Finland.  Jonna.  Great message. Disappointing song.

The Oquirrh Mountain Temple shooter was apparently under investigation for a ponzi scheme.

And our monthly check-in with the Zarahemla Times!

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