The brother of a General Authority poses as a therapist and sexually harasses his clients.  Why weren’t we prepared??

13 Articles of Mormon Culture.  It’s not as good as it sounds.

Ties. Yes. Ties.

The Church appears to soften a bit when it comes to homosexuals. They invited them to see David Archuleta sing with MoTab. Gays. Archuleta.

Updates on the Tuscon shooting.  Does extreme rhetoric cause violence?

Inventions in Mormonism! – CAPTURE!

Los enlaces:

  1. Naughty brother of General Authority
  2. 12+1 Articles of Mormon Culture
  3. Ties
  4. Gays love Archuleta
  5. Rhetoric and Violence
  6. Capture!
  7. Ogden Temple closing dates announced
  8. Utah’s education system sucks. Enjoy a list of all 50ish states.