Episode #50 – Smart Defeats Monson

Non-LDS women are addicted to Mormon Mom blogs. It's a hilarious insight into how non-members view the LDS lifestyle.

Flooding in Australia kills everyone.  The missionaries are OK, though.

Non-LDS women are addicted to Mormon Mom blogs.  It’s a hilarious article from Salon.com and provides a lot of really interesting insights into how non-members view the LDS lifestyle.

Elizabeth Smart – Mormon of the Year

Devout Christians in Gilbert, AZ are on a mission to promote awareness about who the Mormons really are.  A DVD loaded with nonsense about the Church is being circulated in the area.  Ignore, it friends.  Just ignore it.

A terrific new photography book chronicles Mormon life around the world.

And lastly, we issue a call to those disaffected viewers of “The Mormon Bachelor” who frown upon the propaganda machine perpetuated by the producers of the show.  Come to us for freedom of thought and speech!


  1. Australia flooding impacts members
  2. Mormon Mom Blogs for Non-Mormon Non-Moms
  3. Hatred and Ignorance in Gilbert
  4. Elizabeth Smart is the Man
  5. Photo Book

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