MoBach Throwdown #4 – Roxanne vs. Karen



Editors’ note: For the next few weeks we’ll be critiquing dates on “The Mormon Bachelor.” The folks at MoBach heavily moderate their comments so that everything involves sunshine and rainbows, and we think that is dumb. This is dating, people! Not all of it works or is positive, and we shall address it as such. Your comments and thoughts – uncensored and unedited – are welcome, as always.

Roxanne Truesdell

Al: Whoa, this is a side of Rick I don’t think I was ready for.
Geoff: I particularly love being able to see his garments wadded up in his closet. Keep it classy, MoBach producers.

A: I do like the mental pushups line… I’m gonna use that.
G: A, pomade. At least this is more humorous than most videos.

A: I feel like the hellos are getting more “jerry seinfeld – Hellllloooooo” esque.
G: Hahahahahah.

G: Dude, I feel like the whole time you can’t actually see this girl’s face. I had to watch the recap video to fully see what she looks like.

A: Great call on the Jazz club Roxanne, I give points for classy.
G: I didn’t think they had jazz in the 909, but Claremont is a pretty cool city. Definitely a great place to have a date.

A: At the table, I feel like they have the same laugh.
G: How dare you people ruin pure jazz by talking about Justin Timberlake concerts! GRRRRR!!! Go listen to your KIIS FM, Rick.

A: Oh this jazz bit, too good, and Rick danced with her. What a dear heart.

A: I like when buck tries to sound smart with his music knowledge.
G: It’s called improvisation. We study music theory. And practice. But at least Rick was close in knowing that it involves following chord progression.

A: He hugs for long time.
G: Rick: “Jazz music was perfect.” Roxanne: “I know.” Nothing like a classy, camel-esque gum-chewing moment during the farewell.

G: Ugh, watch the post-date interview. “Epic” is way too overused. Fail. Epic fail. Wait… dangit! I hate “fail,” too! “Roxanne is really cool, relaxed person; down for whatever.” Doesn’t want her. And while Jazz clubs are simple and fun, they are bloody expensive. I’ve had to rule them out for first dates because it just costs too much. Granted, this is coming from the guy who took a chick to Savers, so don’t listen to me.

Karen Hinkle

A: I like this one, she’s a doll face, and she chose Knott’s so I know Geoff is in love.
G: First off, yes on the dollface. Also, she’s tall. Awesome. Secondly, who cares about Knott’s? It’s Disneyland’s misguided second cousin.

A: This is Geoff’s woman, ladies, if you’re listening, Geoff will marry you on the first date if you take him to Knotts’.
G: Stop it! Take me to DisneySea in Tokyo and I’m yours.

G: Knott’s is super fun when it’s dead, though. Downside is that it’s pretty easy to ride everything in the park a few times in four hours on days like that.

A: Hand holding was there, and now it is not. I wonder what Rick tried to pull?

A: Oh wait, it’s back. I’m so confused.
G: Sometimes people hold hands and don’t hold them. That’s how relationships work, Al. It’s not all romance and cuddling the whole time. GOSH!

A: All of the south is offended by their poor accent.
G: Not a lot of dialogue, but they’re at a theme park, so that goes without saying.

G: Post-date interview: Rick – “What I like about Karen is… she’s really adventurous. Just an adventurous person; the stories she’s told, the things we’ve done here [at Knott’s]….” Yes, having the cojones to ride Sierra Sidewinder clearly denotes a WILDLY adventurous side. If anything, she seems reasonably prim and reserved.

G: Wait, Karen’s seen the MoBach before and makes no mention of MEEE????
G: I think Karen’s gotta be somewhere in her 30s.
G: Sorry to continue on, but the post-date interview in this one is the only place to really develop any sort of understanding of the two. I will say this, though: Karen thinks that Rick is showing his feelings and emotions by hand-holding. Hand-holding to Rick is clearly on par with hugging and saying hello to someone. He does it with just about everyone. It’s almost like he’s being polite.


A: I had to go to the post date interviews, but I think Karen wins this one, Buck is clearly jonesing the Karen Hinkle bit.
G: I couldn’t get much of a read on either woman from the dates due to the lack of dialogue or showcase of either of their personalities and/or interactions with Rick. That’s frustrating. How the devil am I supposed to properly judge, then? I’ll choose Roxanne just because I want Karen to remain single, for entirely selfish reasons.

Both: As an addendum, what’s up with the video editing this season? We know MoBach has various people shooting the dates and that’s it’s time-consuming to put all of it together, but they need a uniform standard.

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