Episode #53 – Jimmergasm

The grave of Zechariah has been found. Holla.

Religion is the foundation of democracy and prosperity? Clayton says yes. Also, E. Oaks speaks on religious freedom at Chapman University.

A disgruntled BYU student argues that we should stop pressuring young men to serve missions, you know, because it’s not about duty at all.

The UN has no testimony.  Find out why.

McKay Coppins resurrects, like a phoenix from the ashes!

Assorted news: Church issues a statement regarding Book of Mormon musical; awesome jokes within mormon.org chats; Zarahemla Times! Remember, comment on stuff at the ZT!

Touch me for fun

  1. Zechariah.  FOUND!
  2. Religious base and prosperity
  3. E. Oaks’ comments at Chapman
  4. How dare you expect me to serve a mission!
  5. The UN hates families
  6. Book of Mormon musical statement
  7. Mormon.org joke
  8. Stupid Jimmer
  9. More McKay.  Always more McKay.