Episode #56 – Intervention

Polygamist men are less and less virile with subsequent wives, sources say. This just makes no sense. Law of diminishing returns!

Socialism in the Book of Mormon? An op-ed in the Salt Lake Trib says yes. We at TWiM are the deciders and will get to the bottom of the issue. We will make it make sense.

Early reviews of “The Book of Mormon” on Broadway are in. Allegedly, it’s a raunchy, feel-good exercise in debauchery. Not quite sure how all of that works together, but I suppose there’s a reason “American Pie” was such a box office hit in its day.

Geoff has an important question for you listeners about something important. You have to listen to the show to find out how important it is and subsequently respond with importance.

Dirty Jimmer jokes are banned from the BYU-SDSU game!

MoTab gets the most prestigious of awards.

…and The Zarahemla Times! Go Beckstrom, Go!

Rub my belly:

  1. Polygamists shoot blanks
  2. Union of Soviet Socialist Mormons
  3. If it’s from the makers of South Park, can it really be that bad?
  4. No poking!
  5. General Conference dates announced. Phwew!
  6. The MTC turns 50!
  7. MoTab gets the Orem award
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