Recap on ┬áDaviesgate. Thanks for commenting on Geoff’s post. Keep it up! The Honor Code is certainly a thrilling topic of discussion.

Al. Geoff. Two forlorn men on a quest to find love. We will tell you what the problem is, ladies, and what you can do to fix it.

The world is ending on May 21. Take that, Aztecs.

Time Magazine has decided that having children ruins families. Wait, what?

Geoff hates “Glee,” and Daily Universe writers should be ashamed of themselves.

Utah does well in a Gallup poll gauging the Happiness Index. Poor Kentucky.

Assorted items: Phoenix temple gets parking, upcoming LDS Tech conference.


  1. Brandon Davies was not the first BYU athlete to get the boot for getting busy
  2. We must all marry Romanians
  3. End of the world! (see below)
  4. Families stink
  5. Ruddy Glee
  6. Happiness index
  7. Phoenix temple parking
  8. Differences between Huntsman and Romney
  9. LDS Tech conference. Email us!