Some updates on Church efforts in Japan following the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear explosions, etc.

The Dalai Lama is retiring, at least politically-speaking. What does this have to do with the Mormon world?  Everything!

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of “South Park” and the new musical, “The Book of Mormon,” made an appearance on “The Daily Show” to promote their new musical. It was pretty interesting, mostly due to Jon Stewart’s over-the-top enthusiasm for the whole thing. Should your TWiM hosts go and see it?

Bring back the beard! A blog devoted to bringing beards back to the Church.

Geoff rants against LDS Tech. In fact, it seems he hates LDS Tech. Why the love for Apple? Where’s the Android love? What did we do to deserve this??

Also, Al calls himself a “technophobe”

Mormon Stories is a great podcast. Check it out. We discuss this past week’s show, which dealt with some pretty heady stuff. We won’t even write it on here, but listen in. It was actually the base of one of the more serious discussions we’ve had on TWiM. We know, right? TWiM? Serious???

Al makes a doof of himself in front of Harry Reid.

…Other assorted joys.

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Fear the Beard