Blah blah blah. Jimmer. March Madness. Blah blah blah.

The .xxx domain name finally gets approval from ICANN after the Bush administration effectively blocked the motion for years. Family groups are up in arms, but is this really a bad thing?

Updates on missionaries in Japan, the Church’s involvement in Japan, and Lovers in Japan.

An innocent, humble BYU student gets fired for blurting out an expletive while at work. Listen here to hear the story.

The Shakers were once many, but are now just three. THREE!

Richard B. Wirthlin, former head pollster for Reagan, Seventy, and brother of Joseph B. Wirthlin, passes away at age 80.

We were tired of not having a reason to love McKay Coppins, so we created one for ourselves. Find out how.


  1. Richard Wirthlin passes
  2. .xxx domain name approve
  3. Shakers!
  4. Jesus Fish Chocolates!
  5. Current evidence suggests God has a wife
  6. Japan
    1. Home teaching aids the effort
    2. Missionaries in Sendai sent home early
  7. Fired for swearing
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