Episode #63 – What A Fun Sexy Mural For You

Profound Scientific Analysis
The Boss

The Boss

Student wards are done! No more! Just YSA wards from here on out.

Is there a more misunderstood, maligned group than those at TWiM?

Student wards are done! No more! Just YSA wards from here on out. Have fun with that, BYU. There are pros and cons to this, which we discuss on the show.

Inflation has finally hit the Church’s storehouse. Prices are up. It was inevitable.

Cottonwood Heights is got some flava!

Church Public Affairs director Michael Otterson has some words about “The Book of Mormon” musical.

Also, the return of “Worthless Stories Out of the Mormon Times.” The Mormon Times can help you start a blog, Mormons are apparently the most misunderstood religious group ever, and BYU’s Honor Code allegedly targets blacks. Goodie.


  1. Rising cocoa prices will ruin us
  2. Farewell, student wards
  3. Go, Otterson, Go!
  4. Murals are sexy!
  5. BYU sponsoring Seder meals
  6. Honor Code targets blacks
  7. No one understands Mormons
  8. Learn to start a blog! It’s easy! It’s fun! It’s for everyone!
  9. 150 million copies of the Book of Mormon printed
Profound Scientific Analysis

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