If we cease to exist next week because of the piles of lawsuits that will inevitably come our way because of Al’s remarks on this episode, it’s been a good ride. Thanks, folks! Much love!

Continued analysis on why men in the Church fail to marry. Hint: It’s the women’s fault.

Are missionaries going to cease tracting? What??

BYUSA brings us their own unwitting version of Hotornot.com entitled YFashion. It’s amazing. And by amazing we mean awful. And by awful we mean awesome.

Some Utahans have ceased to pay tithing because of the Church’s approval of the Utah Compact involving immigration. No Church PAC, folks!

Missionaries are out of Ivory Coast. Period.

Aspiring filmmaker seeks to make Duck Beach documentary! Yes!

BASE jumping off of the Church Office Building. Revealed!

And “McKay Coppins” is “addicted” to “pornography.”


  1. Our lovely smiling guy gets no love
  2. Tracting. Yes or no?
  3. Goodbye, Cote d’Ivoire
  4. YFashion is AMAZING
  5. Mormons MBAs get together and look down on everyone else
  6. Oh McKay…
  7. No marriage!
    1. Men are wimps
    2. Women do not entice!
  8. No LDS PAC
  9. Restoration of Joseph Smith home in Susquehanna

Fashion Forward

Church Office Building from Marshall Miller on Vimeo.