No Rapture. Life goes on.

Bob Woodward hires Geoff as his personal massage therapist!

Are you TBM? Mitt Romney is. But ARE YOU??

Ladies, stop pining away after President Uchtdorf. You are coveting. COVETING!

A Merrill Lynch employee allegedly gets sacked for being “too Mormon.” Lame.

Geoff has a ball reviewing a review of the recent box office flop, “Priest.” It pertains to LDS people, don’t worry.

And…temple closures, temple open houses, updates on the Brock case, and Huntsman hates utah!


  1. MoBach begins new season
  2. Rapture Poll
  3. Open house of Quetzaltenango Temple
  4. Boise Temple closing… FOREVER! K, not really.
  5. Huntsman hates Utah
  6. Bishops in the Brock case not prosecuted
  7. “Priest”!
  8. Stop dreaming of becoming Mrs. Uchtdorf
  9. Merrill Lynch discriminates
  10. TBM = dumb
  11. This is not what the Mormons do in Rome