More madness about the Crystal City chapel. Seriously, it’s like the media thinks this is the first time a singles ward has been created. The Washington Post and Time are to blame this time around.

Joanna Brooks rocks an evangelical author who argues that a vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for the LDS Church.

Does your horse have equine herpes? Never fear! Stick ponies are here!

Al loves the Book of Mormon soundtrack.

Mitt Romney loves the Book of Mormon musical, too, apparently. *cough*

A real Mormon is on the real Bachelorette, and the Mormon Bachelorette has also been announced. It is a scary week for all of us.


  1. Joanna Brooks rocks….
  2. …this man for saying this
  3. Elizabeth Smart talks the mish
  4. Ride the Tiger! (Pony)
  5. Washington Post wants you to get married, LDS kids
  6. Time Magazine does not understand singles wards
  7. Listen to the BoM soundtrack
  8. Mitt wants to see “The Book of Mormon”
  9. Jon Heder gets a pilot
  10. Jimmer should stay in Utah
  11. A Mormon on The Bachelorette
  12. A Mormon Bachelorette

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