Happy Independence Day, Venezuela and Algeria! Happy belated Canada Day to our Canadian friends!

Al desperately wants to help midgets having car trouble.

We hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July!

Robin Williams makes a joke at the expense of the Church, and the press gives it way more coverage than it deserves!

Mormons have a disproportionately high level of representation in Congress. Because of this, as well as the “Mormon Moment” stuff, Asians are furious! Furious!

Other stuff: A Mountain Meadows landmark receives National status, Peggy Fletcher Stack gets hers, some LDS teens are the greatest auto technicians in the world!, updates on GAs not being involved in politics, some temple news…

…and The Zarahemla Times!!


  1. Mormon teens are automotive geniuses
  2. EXCLUSIVE! LDS Church leaders have donated to political candidates
  3. Mountain Meadows Monument
  4. Mormons vs. Asians
  5. Robin Williams is soooooo funny
    1. Keep it under your hat
  6. We are not alone
  7. Temple updates