Magically terrific documentary video of two LDS missionaries in the Washington, DC area. Way to get on your film noir, Washington Post.

The Joanna Brooks show! Joanna Rocks Fox News and also wonders if Mitt Romney is developing a sense of humor about his religion.

President Monson has a stalker. Benjamin Staples, you nefarious fool!

Tricia Erickson is crazy.

Assorted: Harry Potter/Book of Mormon mashup, Mormons in the MLB All-Star Game, Fort Collins Temple location announced

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  1. Romney and long underwear
  2. Brooks and Fox News
  3. Tricia Erickson and insanity
  4. Missionaries and film noir
  5. Monson and stalkers
  6. Sactown and Jimmergasms
  7. Mormons and All-Stars
  8. Fort Collins and Colorado

I Just Wanted to Meet With the Prophet