Myrtle Madness has ended! Geoff and Al recount… some of their adventures.

President Monson’s stalker believes himself to be Jesus. As he stands trial, he tells authorities that he had problems, “Only President Monson could help [him] with.”

Mitt Romney’s Mormonism is only known by 40% of Americans. Let’s keep it hush hush so that the 25% who won’t vote for a Mormon don’t realize that Romney’s one of them!

A temple marriage petition to allow civil marriages immediately before a sealing. Al and Geoff debate the tenets of said petition!

Mormon Matters does a great podcast about modesty. We highly recommend listening.


  1. Old Grantsville church for sale
  2. Mormon Matters: Modesty
  3. Paris Temple updates (in French)
  4. Lame dating experts
  5. Monson stalker
  6. Mormonism and the “cult box”
  7. Romney’s religion unknown to most
  8. Church gets a Roku channel
  9. Mainstream Christians can learn from Mormons
  10. Temple wedding petition
  11. Elder Cook throws a pitch
  12. We’ve found one of four immortals
  13. Ron Howard directs stupid movie

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