Douglass Brown vows to never read the Daily Universe again. What this means for your weekend and salvation, just ahead.

BeliefNet writer finishes his month trying to be Mormon. Really insightful stuff!

A new study shows that using pornography results in violent behavior. Heady stuff.

Good ol’ Mark Hoffman has resurfaced. Actual tapes of him conducting his business have been discovered. These are the only audio recordings of Hoffman in action.

Warren Jeffs promises a scourge upon those who are prosecuting him. Sickness and death! Man! Go FLDS!

New Jerusalem set in Goshen, UT is completed. Can we get a tour? Is this our own Holy Land Experience?

The Mormon Bachelorette is down. It’s down, people! In its place, we are bombarded with the “Mormon Matchmaker.”

According to Al, people freaked out on a Mormon trek through Iowa but the street fell apart and they were forced to walk on dirt. Find the truth here!


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The New Jerusalem