Please join us all in wishing a belated birthday to Al. The man brings us so much joy and happiness. The man is Mormon hungover.

A poll on Heavenly Mother. Who is she? What is her relationship to Heavenly Father? By Common Consent seeks to find the answer.

The FAIR Conference has concluded, with an interesting presentation about the old Spalding-Rigdon theory about the authorship of the Book of Mormon. Pretty interesting stuff.

Joanna Brooks has a post about five myths of Mormonism. Terrific stuff. We are not all white!

Speaking of whiteness, Michael Otterson has a few things to say about the Church’s internationalization and how 52% of Mormons now live outside of the US and Canada.

Other news: Some funerals for noted former LDS leadership, Mormonism will save the GOP from xenophobia, the Mormon Defense League website, a cryptically Book of Mormon-inspired action movie, and Brandon Davies is making a comeback! Four more years! Four more years!


  1. Heavenly Mother is…
  2. FAIR Conference stuff
  3. Five myths about Mormons
  4. Funerals for her and for him
  5. Mormons will save the GOP
  6. Otterson rocks the casbah
  7. Mormon Defense League
  8. BoM-inspired movie?
  9. Brandon Davies is no longer breaking the Honor Code

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