Yet another article about how Mormons are leaders, but from a different angle! Mormons aren’t just business leaders because they love business, but because Church culture helps people learn to organize others.

The Ogden Temple Facelift. Good or bad? Does it diss the original architect? Are we ditching a dated, but unique, building in favor of something far more modern, generic, and less distinctive?

The Washington Post acknowledges that Mormons know how to use the internet. We take charge of our own message and don’t let other dominate the conversation.

John Huntsman: Jack Mormon. It’s official, but we still love him.

Assorted: San Salvador Temple dedicated; Mormons quest for the White House; an openly gay man serving in a bishopric; and more Washington, DC singles! This time on PBS!

Lists of clickety clickers:

  1. San Salvador Temple dedicated
  2. Ogden Temple. Botched surgery?
  3. Mormon men are uber organized
  4. Huntsman – “The Church was wrong”
  5. Vogue profile of Huntsman – “Like reformed Jews”
  6. The Mormon quest for the Presidency
  7. Using the Web to control the image
  8. Openly gay bishopric member

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