LDS men are marrying older for a number of weak reasons and Al questions statistics about LDS divorce rates.

The Provo Travelodge is no more! What?! Yes, folks, the Church has bought it along with other parcels of land adjacent to the burned-down Provo Tabernacle. Is this suspect?

An awesome looking, privately-funded Joseph Smith movie is out. Al has is pre-review, also known as a preview.

The Boise Temple is getting a $13M renovation. Finally, Boise will be given justice!

Other news: Updates on Mitch Mayne, the gay bishopric member; missionary mauled by a lion is recovering; pansies in Fort Collins; Brokaw and MoTab remember 9/11; Bushman!


  1. Lion mauling
  2. Church buys Travelodge
  3. Pansies in Fort Collins
  4. New Joseph Smith movie (video below)
  5. Boise gets upgraded
  6. Bushman’s rules for himself
  7. Mormon men fear marriage
  8. Mitch Mayne
  9. MoTab, Brokaw, Remember 9/11
  10. Relative Finder App for Facebook

Hey, Play That One by George Michael!

It’s just so awesomely terrible.