It’s time for the TWiM rage regarding the “Mormons are a cult” nonsense that’s been going around for the past week. We’re fed up. Why is it OK to hate on Mormons but not on other groups? It’s high time we stopped putting up with it. We at This Week in Mormons stand shoulder to shoulder with our fellow Latter-day Saints. Enough is enough.

Is NCMO abuse? Some lady says yes. We say no. Is this a battle of the sexes? No. Because we’ll win.

Brandon Flowers’ officially embraces being Mormon in a new “I’m a Mormon” video.

Others: Homeschooling. The Whitney Awards (yippee). And a terrible video done by BYU-I girls who have nothing better to do on a Friday night.


  1. Is NCMO abuse?
  2. Judge the Man, Not the Mormon – Joe Lieberman
  3. Evangelicals Should Stand Up to Anti-Mormonism – John Mark Reynolds
  4. Who Says Mormons Aren’t Christians? – Dean Obeidallah
  5. Open Letter to Mitt Romney
  6. How Do Mormons Answer ‘Not Christian’ Claims? – Michael Otterson
  7. Rick Perry Amplifies Anti-Mormon Rhetoric
  8. Rick Perry’s Anti-Mormon Advisors – McKay Coppins
  9. Nominations for the Whitney Awards
  10. Homeschooling Then and Now
  11. Ten Years of the Perpetual Education Fund



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