Lighthearted discussion on LDS tech advances and the Church’s social media efforts. OK, we’re tech dorks. Sue us.

The Circling the Wagons conference – a Mormon LGBT gathering – took place in Salt Lake over the weekend. One bishop declared homophobia in the Church an “atrocity.” Pretty awesome stuff.

A well-intentioned article about fashionable modesty takes an unfortunate turn in effectively blaming immodesty on two cases of date rape. No bueno.

After last week’s Halloween/modesty debacle, Geoff takes on the practice of garment “tucking.” Get ready, ladies!

Other news: Hilary Weeks tops the charts (sort of), Federal lawsuits against the Church being involved in Utah’s liquor laws, and two cool videos (see below), and a prophet occupies Wall Street.

Clickety Clickster Clickerrific:

  1. Homophobia “an atrocity”
  2. Modesty and date rape
  3. Barring the Church from liquor law input
  4. Hilary Weeks is first Mormon to debut atop Christian charts
  5. A prophet occupies Wall Street

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