Episode #95 – A Personal Appeal from Brandon Harris


Behold, a slow week in Mormon news! How do we react? Awesomely.

Going to BYU and not being LDS. How much does it suck?

David Archuleta goes to the temple and gets his Eagle Scout – at 20. What a little, wonderful man.

There is a MoTab Christmas YouTube channel. We repeat: A MoTab Christmas YouTube channel.

The US Senate recognizes the Church’s welfare program.

A dude says he was discriminated against for being Mormon.

And Latino LDS broadcast! ¡Qué chevre!

Touch me:

  1. Are Mormons any weirder than the rest of us?
  2. Being non-LDS at BYU
  3. David Archuleta achieves!
  4. US Senate and welfare program
  5. Devocional latino
  6. Prejudiced against for being Mormon?
  7. MoTab Christmas Channel
Such Sultry Looks, Such Glistening Hair