The year in review, for we as individuals, for the Church, and for the podcast! What are your memories of 2011 and, more importantly, your memories of TWiM? We are the most important. Don’t forget that.

David Archuleta decides to go on a mission! Woo hoo!

Geoff has more beef with Deseret Book. It’s sad. It’s justified.

Changes in YSA wards in terms of size, naming (_YSA Ward), and other issues. What is going on here? Doesn’t this all go against the whole concept of more, smaller, more manageable singles wards?

Advice from LDS single men to the ladies. Really profound stuff.

And a special segment: We’ve decided the Brethren all need blogs and Twitter accounts, but what should these accounts be named? This is where the genius of TWiM comes in.


  1. Advice from single men
  2. Eating crow
  3. P Diddy quotes L. Tom Perry
  4. 2011: The Year Mormonism Went Mainstream
  5. Anti-Mormon website from GOP candidate

Better Than “Russ’ Fusses”