Episode #101 – Deathstar 101

Pure, Unadulterated Talent
Do the Brethren endorse or eschew online dating? We have answers.
Pure, Unadulterated Talent

Mitt Romney is an anchor baby. Can you believe the scandal? His MEXICAN family?? We talk about other Huntsman-Romney stuff, notably the Church’s alleged sabotage of the Huntsman campaign.

Online dating – endorsed by the Brethren or discouraged? Answers!

Some bored Mormon moms start a Mormon mythbusting podcast.

Julie Beck gets into podcasting. This should be a model for other Church leaders.

Also, some joyous news from the LEGO/modeling front. Listen in for details.

Other news: Church plots for sale in Harlem, SLC is the gayest city in America, LDS.org calendar gets updated.


  1. I’m afraid of Mormons, but still better than a Muslim
  2. Mormon political roundup
    1. Would Salt Lake influence the White House?
    2. Romney is an anchor baby
    3. Mitt embraces Mormonism in South Carolina
    4. Is the Church fixing the Huntsman campaign?
  3. Julie Beck gets on the horn
  4. Salt Lake is uber gay
  5. Deserted News
  6. Online dating
  7. LDS land in Harlem
  8. Mormon Mythbusters
  9. LDS.org calendar updates
  10. Build your LEGOs, sir

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