We address our alleged criticisms of LDS church leaders. Seeking understand is quite different from railing against Salt Lake.

Elder Marlin K. Jensen has some frank words to share about the state of the Church and how levels of attrition are the highest they’ve been since pioneer days. How is the Church dealing with this? It’s pretty interesting.

A man says the Church stole his paintings

Updates on how the Honor Code at BYU suppresses freedom of religion.

A number of mainstream media stories highlight three great aspects of the Church – garments, tithing, and the nature of the afterlife.

Mitt Romney basically denied the First Vision. Great job, Mitt!


  1. Elder Jensen and dealing with the modern age
  2. Tackling tough aspects of Mormon history
  3. Response to BYU not supporting religious freedom
  4. The Church – art thief
  5. McKay explains garments
  6. Mormons and tithing
  7. GQ takes on tithing
  8. Hell for Mormons
  9. NYT – Mormon cuisine
  10. BYU is the hottest campus in the nation
  11. The best BYUSA candidate ever